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moving expenses

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4 kids will be homesless in 6 days

Hi my name is JoLene i am a recently divorced single mother an survivor of domestic abuse, however i am disabled; for now, im fighting back with a team of dr's working on my spine to get me back on my feet asap! im am in a very precarious situation since my divorce after 2yrs of living with an abusive husband my sons father decided to kidnapp him an take me to court for sole custody, an he fights dirty! he has tried to get all my resources taken away with lies so that he can prove me unfit, he is trying to make it imossible for me to care for my 4 children by getting our financial aid/food/medical taken away, an my housing assistance an last he has contacted my landlord to have him refuse to let me stay past jan 31st.since my lease became month to month, now i have an amazing attorney who is fighting on my behalf against everything including every wrench my ex throws into this custody battle. i had to take my 3yr old son to the E.R. last week with bruises he said his dad gave him the owies, but this man works with the police department an prides himself on how well he plays politics so it is going nowhere, in the meantime i have found a different house but the leasing agent/landlord requires the security deposit by feb 1 to hold the house till my housing authority can get me transferred an inspect an approved for them to make the payments to the landlord on my behave so i have no worries about affording the house after i scure it. if their are any angels out there that can help in anyway so we dont end up on the street in a week plz contact me via email i can provide proof of everything the agency that handles leasing/maintenance/management for the landlords can be reached directly by googling an has a pay direct online option i wld have to give the address but not on here for safety sake, like i said anything will help i just cant afford to loose this house or i will lose my son/kids an that is not an option they are my life! thanks for reading an God Bless!  

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Widowed Mom with 3 special needs children desparate for help with moving expenses

I lost my house and we have to be out by September the 18th 2011, We have been blessed with another home to move to, but after I pay first months house payment and lawyers fees, I will not be able to afford moving expenses. We receive Social Securtiys Survivor Benefits as I am widowed with 3 boys with special needs, FASD, Tourettes and Crystal Meth with FAE. I have tried to find a way, even trying to sell my personal possessions, to make the money we need for moving. I need help, or we will lose the rest of everything we have left. Ps I am a covering and modest dressing Christian woman.
I am also a diabetic with onset of Osteoporosis, so I cant lift a lot of heavy things. Our new home is 5 hours away in the UP of Michigan near Marquette, I have only two options, have someone rent us a truck and drive it for us, or have a self move company bring a trailer here and we can pack it ourselves and they will move it, either way we are talking $1500.00 with a Uhaul or Budget Rental (including gas) or $1780.00 with the Upak from UPS Freight. I have called everywhere, churches, salvation army, St. Vincent De Paul, DHS, I am at a dead end, Please , Please, Please, can someone help us! We just want to get out of here and into our new home.
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About debralou

I am a single mother that recently lost her job. My boyfriend is an alcoholic. I have been planning to move out but now that I have no job I don't have the money. I need money for an apartment, moving expenses, lights, water, etc. Please help me and my son. I have put in several applications for a job, but haven't heard back from any as of yet. Thanks for listening. Feels good to unload this burden. 

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About oKwerKy

Wow, where to start? How about I start with where I am at right now...! The background story would take me hours to type because it started back in 2005 when I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. It was unexpected and I was young, just getting married and making a great living in a professional environment. I had every kind of insurance, a fat 401(k) considering my age and the market, etc. I had a brand new sports car (mini cooper) and I was really, really happy and felt healthy and good.


Fast forward to present time, as I sit here in cheap hotel with my husband and dog. We haev no money and have no idea how we are going to pay for a place to stay and I refuse to put my dog in a shelter. She was abused before we adopted her from the humane society and I'm afraid she doesn't do well with others and I'd cry forever if something happened to her. Plus I made her a promise when I got her that  I would take care of her and be her "everything" no matter what. (It's only fair since my husband and I really are the center of her life! like it or not) So...we have no money, no savings, nothing of value, etc. Oh and I sold the mini ofter a year ago to put on a downpayment for a lease-to-own house ($5K). We were evicted from that house almost a month ago. The deposit=nonrefundable and I feel like the biggest idiot in the world because we got scammed. We *will* litigate because the eviction was also wrongful. We were able to obtain federally-funded assistance (HPRP funds) and paid all of the past due rent. Idiotic landlord piggybacked off of the orignal writ to have the constable come out. And remove mostly all (still thinking of stuff that they didn't get out of the back  yard) of our  belongings and put them in the front yard. While it is not legal to do this in the rain, apparantly there is no law against doing it 30 minutes before it rains. It rained for two days and most of our stuff is going to be ruined. We haven't had time to go sort through it beecause we've been trying frantically to find a place to live (with an eviction on my husband's record--don't know why, but I wasnt included in the suit). I'm devastated that my family hasn't offered to help in any way (and I've asked). I'm not a bad person and we're not drug fiends or difficult people (nothing against drug fiends, but sometimes they can be troublesome to deal with).


So, we have no money and need a place to live. Oh, and I haven't filed for social security (but need to do so ASAP) and my private insurer stopped paying me 2 years ago. I've been just trying to "hang on" because I've been just that sick. i was hospitalized last august and they finally figured out the root of my problem, so have been doing slightly better for past 6 months but I am still unable to work (which kills me since I was a workaholic before this...totally mourned losing my career at brokerage firm because apparently it defined me or something). My husband is unemployed, but has been diligently looking for a year now. If he was just able to look for work, it would be easy but he has to take care of me and has been trying to keep our electircity and such on at the house (that we no longer reside in). We're below the mean poverty level or whatever. We lost our health insurance. We are  so incredibly screwed when you read it on paper.


I have faith that things will work out...and everything I've been through has made me stronger person...and I've  tapped into this creative side that was buried so I plan on changing career path. But...where are we going to sleep tomrrow? 


We've only slept in the car once because we've managed to  use every cent of our money for this dump. I've looked for help/assistance but most of them will only help if we're in a shelter...and again, I can't leave my dog behind anywhere (even temporarily).


We lived in Fort Worth, are staying in North Arlington and plan to move to Dallas. Does anyone know of any good, relevant and *current* resources to utilize? We mainly need rent assistance (we're in proc of applying for food stamps), help with security deposits, etc. as well as other basic stuff. A loan would be amazing! I can do things to work in exchange for assistnce, while financial "help" is always kind and appreciated, I don't expect it to be given to us.


We just need major help gettig back on our feet. We're both college grads from good schools...I didn't see this in the cards. I try not to get sad, but when I let myself slip into that depression, it's like a neverendig pit (I am on antidepressents as I suffer from major clinical depression) So...I'll end it there....does anyone know of something/someplace/someone/? I can turn to?


Help is beyond appreciated at this point.


Kind regards,


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About Barbara37

I am looking for help in applying for grants and have no idea as to how to look, where to look, etc.  I want to make a move out of state from NJ to Michigan.  I was thinking of opening a general store type of operation where I can sell crafts (made by myself and of others in the area where I set this up at), groceries so that those without access to transportation can buy them at a reasonable price, hunting and fishing supplies, and other misc. items.  I also need the funds to make this move as I need a vehicle to get my special needs daughter and I there along with our 2 cats and for transporting our personal belongings there.  I am disabled and need my knees replaced but am willing to work hard.  I also want to pay off my student loans.  One big thing I have always wanted to do and thought that a general store type operation would be great is to have a neighborhood food pantry so I can accept donations and help those in need.  I also have experience as a social worker and once situated in Michigan then I can get in touch with local social services agencies to see what services they offer so I can refer clients/consumers to these agencies.  Sort of a jack of all trades and not really a master at any but willing to try!!

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About DannyD1972

Hello. My name is Dan. I am a single father of 3. I live in Michigan. Our state has been hit very hard by this recession. Unemployment is horrible. It is nearly impossible to find work here. I recently found that there are many jobs in New Orleans that I am qualified to do. Unfortunately since I cannot find a job here I cannot save the money I need to move. I have looked all over the internet, and locally for help with moving expenses, but I cannot find anything. All of the "grant sites" have a fee to join them. If I had the money to pay them, I wouldn't need help. I can find a way to New Orleans, but once I get there I will have no place to stay. With no money I cannot get an apartment, or even a room. My parents have agreed to watch the children while I go down and find a job and a place, so it would just be me. I need to either find the money for a place( a grant or even a loan for around $2500, but I have bad credit and no assets or collateral), or find someone with a spare room, or even a garage that they would be willing to let me stay in for about a month while I save up the money for a place. I am willing to cook and clean and do home repairs in exchange for rent. I need to do this for my children. I hate not being able to provide for them. It makes me feel horrible that I have been reduced to begging for help, but I am at my wits end. I am planning to go down there in the second week of June regardless of whether or not I find a place because I have to do this. If anyone can help, or knows of an organization or person willing to help please email me. My email address is, and I am constantly checking it. Someone please help me. Thank You, Dan

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About help2008

 I need help moving expenses and would like to know if there is anyone out there that is generous enough to help me with just  a bed and mattress for me and my son,  living sofa, and a dresser. I dont have these items and we are moving into a two bedroom apt. I did go to social services and they denied me assistance because they said I have to be in a fire or disaster, I am a single mother and I am also going to school too, but at this moment I dont have enough funds to cover these items and would honetly like help, I know there are some fake people but if you want to talk to me to know its true what I am saying I will surely verify it. Thanks for reading

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About mrsmatz

I need 7000.00 to help with moving expenses, need to go from Oklahoma to southern Minnesota. 

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i came across this page and just decided to give this a shot. Probably wont work but here is my story. Basically my fiance and I have 5 children, ages 14, 12, 10, 9 and 1. We have lived in our apartment for a year now and have never been late on rent nor have we ever had any issues with our complex. I was planning on renewing my lease with the complex and filled out the paperwork and thought ok we are good to go. Well on Tuesday I received a letter from the Managment team stating they are not going to renew my lease because I have 7 people in a 3 bd/2ba apt and by federal guidelines we can only have 6 people in our apartment. I advised the director that my original lease shows 7 people and why all of a sudden is it a problem. She said they should not have rented to me in the first place that she's sorry but they can't renew my lease. Ok fine, well also in the letter they sent me they are asking that I pay May's rent of $965 and also rent up until June 8th of $257.33 and on TOP of that I have to vacate the premises by JUNE 8th?!?! My problem is how in the world are my husband and I suppose to come up with money to move by June 8th and pay these people their rent. I am trying to get them to at least let me slide on May's rent so that I have something to work with as far as security deposits and first month's rent when I do find another place. Being that I have a big family I have to either move to a 3br HOME where they dont' really have to listen to all the guidelines hoopla or a 4 bdr home. Most places I have found would like $1000 for the first month's rent and $1000 for the security deposit. Clearly I am in no position to have this kind of money just laying around. Any advice, help or tips would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

Joyce S

Zephyrhills, FL

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Metro Deaf School move help

The Metro Deaf School promotes academic excellence in deaf education using an innovative bilingual & bicultural approch.  Our primary purpose is to help our students develop a sense of identity and pride as deaf persons while providing them skills and knowledge to succeed in the larger hearing community.

Metro Deaf School (MDS) was approved as one of the nation's first charter schools in August 1992 and celebrated twelve years as a charter school in fall 2004. The school opened for operation in the fall of 1993 with thirteen deaf and hard-of-hearing (D/HH) students in kindergarten through eighth grade.  It added a pre-school in fall 1998. In fall 2004, there were five pre-school students and 68 students enrolled in kindergarten through eighth grade. 

MDS has the same academic expectations and curriculum as any other K-8 program - regardless of the learner.  The focus is on student achievement and self-advocacy, as in any program but it happens that MDS' student body is deaf.  Deafness does not diminish the expectations or academic rigor.  MDS is 100% "special education" and while they do serve numerous students who have "special needs," thus offering those students modified and accommodated curriculum to meet their unique needs, the rest of the student body is instructed with a "regular education" approach.  College and/or post secondary education of some form is a frequent discussion and a common expectation as the students go through middle school at MDS.  Students learn how to be successful in the larger community and how to be positive self-advocates as deaf individuals. Students and families see the potential in themselves and their children.  Learning is maximized and expectations are high since the world needs deaf leaders in all fields.  Based on alumni data, an astounding 90% of all former MDS graduates have attended or are attending a 4-year college with the other 10% in other Post Secondary Option (PSO) programs.

MDS serves D/HH students from the seven county metro area as well as western Wisconsin.  Currently, MDS is serving 30 school districts and has a steady enrollment of approximately 68-75 students annually.  This enrollment number is considered "above average" when compared to other D/HH programs such as Como Elementary in St. Paul, Gideon Pond in Eagan and Anne Sullivan in Minneapolis.  For the 2004-2005 school year, 53% of students are from hearing families and 47% are from deaf families. D/HH students are considered a "low-incidence disability" group. There are approximately 1,200 D/HH students in Pre-K - 12th grade in the Twin Cities.  Typically, districts bus D/HH students to "center schools" where a population can be created to provide students with classroom peers.   Many hard of hearing students remain in their own school districts and are mainstreamed into regular classes, some with and others without support. Our families/students choose a different approach to education based on their child's learning preference.


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my name is katie hemsley and i am an unemployeed 20 year old mother of a 6-month old child. my boyfriend and baby's father just finished the last leg of classes at Western Culinary Institute. to graduate he need to go on an externship. we live in beaverton oregon and the extern he got is at harris ranch near coalinga california. due to some unfortunate turns of events all of our savings have been used to pull us out of debt. we were doing okay and had saved a little money when our car took a bit of a crap on us. in short, all the remaining cash went to that. now we are two weeks from when we need to move and are again in debt, overdrawn $650.00 and without any extra money. we need around $7,500.00 to make the move possable, if we don't go, Brad will not recieve his diploma. i am also trying to become a realator, so that i can continue to stay with my child but also make a good living while i go to college, (as soon as i can afford it). for that i need $800.00. any help would be very appreciated. thank you.

katie hemsley

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